PyPWA can be installed with pip or conda with Python 3.7 or newer


Thanks to tools provided by Anaconda, you can easily install PyPWA and all it’s dependencies with a simple one line command. Check out Anaconda’s user guide if you’re new to using Anaconda.

conda install -c markjonestx pypwa

If you want tools from PWA2000 (GAMP, HGAMP, VAMP, PPGEN) we’ve included them as well


PWA2000 is currently only available on Linux installs of Anaconda.

conda install -c markjonesyx pwa2000



Pip can interfere with your system python. Make sure to never run pip as root, and only perform local installs.

Fetch the latest version of PyPWA and install locally


If you are using pip somewhere behind a firewall, you may need to pin pip’s servers using pip install --trusted-host --trusted-host

git clone --depth=1
cd PyPWA
pip install --local .